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Результат совместной работы с Alex Kelly

Alex Kelly_Antuan Graftio

Данная композиция результат совместной работы с Alex Kelly

About the Artist
Alex Kelly began her career as lead singer of Amungus, an electro-pop band featuring Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls. Amungus released «The truth is…» in 2008, with Alex earning credits for her work as a ghost-writer and singer/songwriter. The band’s «Bad Kitty» was featured on iTunes most popular application: Tap Tap Revenge 3, Kiss 98.5fm, 88.7fm WBFO (NPR) and more. Noted for their unique sound, Amungus was asked to open for the B52’s alongside the likes of Metric and other indie artists, an event that drew over 6000 concert goers. After three years under the wing of Takac’s musical influence, Alex eagerly channeled her energies into a phenomenal solo project.

Sticky Butterfly, a self produced EP, released in late spring of 2010, is the sonic metamorphosis of Alex Kelly. With its powerful vocal performance, electrified instrumentation, and fearless lyrical content, Sticky Butterfly is a rock-dance hybrid that is sure to stain the brain. Communication is the driving force behind this work, as it is both captivating and inspiring in its message. Sticky Butterfly would be the catalyst that transformed a fanatical tween who slept with Prince’s Purple Rain LP, into a femme goddess with the ability to rock crowds with her kinetic energy.

Alex has broken bread with some of the industry’s most seasoned artists including Matt Stein (Grammy Award winner), co-writer for Whitney Houston’s «Where You Are», Jim Calabrese, The Lady Tigra (Tigra & BunnyD) and others alike. Although the lure of corporatized music might seem appealing to some, Alex has found an organic niche to nourish her talent. In 2010 the she introduced her trademark, Alex Kelly Music, in an attempt to minimize future censorship of her artistic expression. Armed with a killer EP, explosive stage presence, and a fledgling music company, Alex Kelly is ready to command stages nationwide… and might cause a revolution in the process.


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